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Wrestling Rumors was our first major in-house production since the Voice Of Wrestling. Using our knowledge and experience from VOW, we wanted to create a wrestling news destination with a difference. We gathered a team of die-hard, knowledgeable fans of the business to be the backbone of the site. The site design itself was also a major point in the initial plans. Big, bright images were the focus of the articles and creating PPV-themed ‘hubs’ made each monthly special feel that little bit different. A unique mobile app was also a major point to consider. The WR app uses the same big, bright images with a sleek design customised for mobile devices. The site gathered a huge following on social media and then expanded into live broadcasts, using our experience from VOW, and in 2014 a review of 2013 in WWE was published as an ebook. Everything on Wrestling Rumors was created entirely in-house by a small team of just six people. Capitalizing on it’s tremendous success, Wrestling Rumors was acquired by a third-party investor in June 2015.