Voice Of Wrestling

Live Broadcasting

AboutThe Client

The Voice of Wrestling is one of the internet’s longest running wrestling talk shows. Originally established in 2003, Chris Cash contacted Will Benson in 2005 regarding a potential redesign of the existing VOW website. A strong partnership was immediately formed which ultimateley led to the creation of WSMedia.

The show itself remains our only in-house production and has featured interviews with some of the biggest stars of the wrestling business. Evolving from a podcast to live video broadcast in 2013, the show took a brief hiatus before relaunching in 2017.


About this project

Having created the initial VOW website in 2003, wsmedia has been responsible for every instance of the VOW brand since. The current website launched for the show’s 2017 relaunch and offers a clean and fresh design while showcasing the primary draw for the site in the individual episodes of the show itself

The site offers a unique live center experience. This, coupled with our knowledge in live broadcasting, gives viewers of the live show an enhanced interactive experience and turns the show into ‘event’ watching.

We continue to enhance the site with new features, allowing the show to continue it’s unique connection with it’s fans in various ways