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AboutThe Client

Established in 1997 as one of the earliest sources of professional wrestling news on the internet. Then known as ‘The Internet Wrestling Zone’, the site offered fans unique insight into the world of sports entertainment.

The site eventually evolved into, providing the latest news and rumors, as well as all in-depth results and reviews, superstar profiles, championship histories and image galleries.

Today, the site remains a major player in the highly competitive wrestling news scene.


About this project

After coming under new ownership in 2017, wsmedia were tasked with providing assistance to the new management team in modernising the entire site in preperation for a relaunch in late 2017.

The site had previously been operated with a clunky, custom made-CMS which while had served the previous management well, was not im keeping with modern web technologies. It was decided that a move to WordPress would be implemented to allow the relaunch to go ahead much more quickly.

A custom design was worked on with the in-house team with a major focus on making the site responsive. Previously, the site had not been mobile-ready making it difficult to use on mobile devices. The new design allowed for a much cleaner look on both desktop and mobile.  Being a commercial operation, the inclusion of advertisements was a big priority for the new team. wsmedia assisted with the implementation of new ad units, as well as custom code to allow mobile-only advertisements

With the relaunch now complete, wsmedia continues to assist with troubleshooting, custom elements and features and graphic design.