IWC Radio

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AboutThe Client

IWC Radio is a fan-focused irreverent podcast looking at the more comedic side of wrestling. Hosted by four true fans of wrestling, the show has evolved over time, building a small but loyal fanbase.

The show has featured interviews with some huge names in the business, including recent interviews with the WWE United Kingdom Champion Pete Dunne and Raw Womens Champion Alexa Bliss.


About this project

Beginning as just a small podcast based on a forum, IWC Radio was looking for a more permanent home. We helped create a small but well-equipped website that offer the show an opportunity to expand further with it’s own home and added new ways for the show to be found by adding episodes to iTunes.

We based the site off the popular WordPress platform. This not only allowed us to create a great looking site in almost half the time of a standard website, but gave the hosts of the show the chance to be involved with the maintenance of the site with an simple, easy to use interface to add new episodes and other content.